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Fall Sermon Series

Fall Sermon Series begins September 19

Our Fall Sermon Series begins on Sunday, September 19.

The Bible tells Joseph’s story in Genesis 37-50.

Joseph’s life was full of both blessed times and hard times. Many things happened to him that seem completely unfair. Yet God used Joseph’s faith and faithfulness to save the lives of many and provide for His chosen people.

Joseph’s life can help us look at and answer some of life’s hardest questions. Take this journey of discovery with us this fall.

JOSEPH: Life’s Difficult Questions

9.19.21 – Who Am I and Where Do I Come From?

9.26.21 – Why Am I Here?

10.3.21 – Has God Forgotten Me?

10.10.21 – Will God Come Through For Me?

10.17.21 – Can I Let Go of the Past?

10.24.21 – Is God Enough for Me?

10.31.21 – Is Death the End of Me?

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