Music and Worship

What then shall I do? I will talk to God with my spirit and I will talk to God with my mind.
I will sing with my spirit and I will sing with my mind.
I Corinthians 14:15

I love this verse. Everything that God says through Paul in scripture is vitally important and must be soberly considered, but here he is speaking to my passion. In the passage as a whole, he’s speaking about the importance of being focused in our worship – both as leaders from the platform and as participants in the congregation. As the director of music ministries at FRBC, I make it a priority to focus on the text of the songs that we sing. Our worship services are of the blended style that you hear so much about, but worship is so much more than style. I work closely with our pastor each week to find music text that is similar in its focus to his sermon topic whenever possible. Pastor Andy and I attempt to show people where that focus lies…we are speaking to their minds, trying to get them to think about what they’re singing. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts. That said, I think that He allows music to be “instrumental” (sometimes I crack me up!) in softening their hearts. I truly desire for every participant in our worship services to have the opportunity to sing music in a style that blesses them, be it Southern Gospel, Contemporary, or formal hymns. Our praise team prays together before we play together, and we continually petition God to help us to disappear on the platform and become an enhancement to corporate worship, not a distraction. Each person in the sanctuary has the opportunity to use the music they hear and sing to praise and draw closer to their Creator. And while we all have our favorites – songs that bless us every time we sing them, because they are in our favorite style or are very familiar – I have had the opportunity to rejoice many times to have a congregation member tell me how much a song blessed them…songs that are outside their normal “playlist”. And that is singing with your spirit and with your mind.



Our adult choir has rehearsal each Sunday at 4:30pm.They help to lead the congregation from the platform in our worship services, and sing a special piece about once a month. Additionally, we do special programs each Christmas and Easter in combination with our Children’s Choirs, Sign and Drama Teams. Anyone who is in the 9th grade or above, is willing to commit to regular attendance at rehearsals, and has a desire to serve God by singing is welcome to join the choir. No experience or the ability to read music is necessary. I am firmly of the opinion that if our heart motive is right, then God will reward our efforts. He has repeatedly blessed us well beyond our natural skill set for the purposes of furthering His kingdom. I count it a huge privilege to lead this group of people. And we sure do have fun!



This choir is open to any kids kindergarten- 5th grade.  Even though it’s a large spread in age, the kids have fun together.  We sing special music  in the worship service many times a year as well as doing 1 or 2 major musicals.  The kids love these and do a fantastic job!  We practice on Wednesdays from 6:30 – 7:30.