Disaster Relief Fund

Buckets of Care Items and Instructions

Thanks to GBC Disaster Relief for this information. (see their site www.gbcdisasterrelief.org)


Safety Equipment

6 pair – exam gloves (hypoallergenic)

2 pair – leather gloves

2 pair – safety goggles

4 – dust masks



1 – utility knife with extra blades

1 – chalk line with chalk

6 – Teri cloth rags

1 – flashlight and 6 batteries

1 – 6′ or 12’ measuring tape

1 – twist nozzle for a garden hose


First Aid

1 – bottle Anti-Bacterial hand wash

1 – bottle Hydrogen peroxide

1 – bottle Alcohol

1 – antibiotic cream

1 – box Band aides


Place all of the above into a 5-gallon bucket along with a copy of the homeowner instructions – Mud Out in a Minute on top, and close with lid.

Printable Buckets of Care List


You can give here with confidence that every dollar will go to help those who are suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey and the flooding it has caused. We will direct all the monies through the Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Fund where Georgia Baptist’s gave a $5 million offering to assist the victims of Katrina. Here the news from our GBC Executive Director, Dr. J. Robert White:

Not since Katrina have we seen devastation like we are seeing in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. In response to Katrina, Georgia Baptists gave an offering of $5 million, every dime of which was used to minister to needs in the affected area for seven years. Let’s do it again!


I am confident that your people want to help. There are many appeals for funds; I can assure you that every bit of the money given through your Georgia Baptist Mission Board will be dedicated to disaster relief and will be handled with absolute integrity.


I encourage you to receive a special offering for disaster relief. When you send those funds to the Georgia Baptist Mission Board Financial Services, make sure to specify that they are for disaster relief. This is a special offering and will be managed separately from your Cooperative Program Mission funds.


Thank you for your sensitivity to this serious situation. Recovery will be a sustained and expensive effort. Please pray for all Southern Baptist Disaster Relief personnel and all others who are involved in bringing relief.




J. Robert White

Thank you and we encourage you to do your part in praying, giving, and going when the time arrives.


Pastor Andy

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