10 Questions for the 40 Days of Lent (preparation) 2018

Questions Leading into the 40 Days of Lent/Preparation of 2018:

  1. When Easter Sunday arrives, how might I be more like the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ?
  2. Is there a habit or sin in my life that is keeping me from loving God with my whole heart or loving my neighbor as myself? How can I submit my life to the Holy Spirit’s work in overcoming that habit during the 40 days of preparation?
  3. Is there anyone in my life from whom I need to ask forgiveness or pursue reconciliation?
  4. What practical steps can I take to carve out time for (more) daily contemplation?
  5. What spiritual discipline(s) do I need to nurture so that I might grow?
  6. How do I need to simplify my life so that I might have more room for godliness?
  7. How might practicing self-denial during these days of preparation draw me closer to God and prepare me for Easter?
  8. How will I LEAN on Jesus when self-denial gets hard?
  9. Is it necessary/helpful for me to share the nature my fast with others for accountability or should I keep it private?
  10. What does the suffering of Jesus mean to me at this time in my life?

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Adapted from https://rachelheldevans.com/blog/40-ideas-for-lent-2012

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